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Digital commerce as a beacon of hope for retailers!

Digital commerce as a beacon of hope
for retailers!

More and more retailers are now recognizing the power of this channel in increasing their reach rapidly beyond the physical reach of their outlets. Moreover with increasing inclination towards convenience, consumers are comfortable searching & shopping for products online. With increased context during searches & rich e-commerce experience, the effectiveness of this channel is growing faster than ever before.

Digital commerce is embraced
as a critical retailing channel

Digital commerce

India alone has 15 Crores internet users in 2013 and projected to 30 Crores by 2015

Digital commerce

In India, the Digital Commerce for 2013 is more than 15,000 Crores and projected to grow to 36,000 Crores by 2015

Digital commerce

By 2015, over 2% of retail sales will happen through online! That’s a significant number of compared to 0.1% in 2011!

The digital commerce revolution is fueled by increasing usage of internet, smartphones and aware customers, who search, compare and do detailed study before they do an actual purchase!

Reduced cost of sales and scalability through Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is a low investment and scalable solution for increasing sales. Digital Commerce through its reach across geographies, high scalability, no direct dependence on real estate and no need for 1-1 selling is proving to be an attractive way of increasing sales for more & more retailers every day. Retailers are even using digital commerce for doing test marketing for finding the next city / area to launch their brand!

Seamless Multichannel experience

Digital is playing a lead role in impacting every step of buying cycle of consumers.

Awareness Interested Purchase
Traditional Television, Print, OOH Ads Visit Shops, Talk to friends Visit shop, Mall
Present Digital Ads, Social Media Research and compare alternative products online,
Ask friends and references in social media
Buy Online

Retailers and brands need to implement a seamless multichannel strategy, which will create consumer touch points across different buying points. Retailers should not only engage consumers by creating brand awareness but also help them to buy the right product!

The Digital Commerce

Capture mindshare across the buying cycle and wallet share across the retailing channels
Multichannel strategy for retailers


Change ecommerce

Change ecommerce

Why Retail Business
need to adopt e-commerce?

Why Multi-Channel Retailing?

Why Multi-Channel Retailing?

Evolution of Multi-Channel Retailing

Avendus Report

Avendus Report

A Birdseye view of the Indian Digital Consumer Industry by AVENDUS

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Relevance of

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