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Private Sales

While the concept of eCommerce has been around for almost 15 years, the concept of online private sales is few years old. It has emerged as an attractive medium for brands to target niche audience.

Private Sales is paradigm where signed-up or exclusive members are given exclusive opportunity to shop with great prices. Private Sales is working wonders by capitalizing on a sense of urgency and relying on the impulse of shoppers who want to make sure they get an item in their size or colour before anyone else, while not missing out on a great deal. Private sale sites use the ticking pressure of the clock to encourage this impulse shopping.

MartJack offers customized digital commerce solution for private sales with a focus on providing an exclusive shopping experience for your customers.

MartJack Private Sales

Rich shopping experience for niche audience

With MartJack, you can provide rich and compelling shopping experience for your niche customers. MartJack provide options for high resolution product images, multiple angles for better understanding and a comprehensive features tab to display full product specifications. There is also the option of letting your customer narrow their search results by product specifications. In short MartJack help your audience to make the right buying decision.

MartJack Private Sales

Offer time bound deals and promotions

MartJack provides you with an option of automatically creating discount tags which highlight the price difference and the percentage savings for the customer. It also allows you the option of creating a deal section on your website with the hottest and latest offers as well as timed promotions for flash sales. Your customers will not miss even a single deal from now on.

MartJack Private Sales

Easy catalogue management

Traditionally you have been limited in your customer reach through the printed product catalogue, where there are limitations to showcase your complete range. With MartJack, you can not only showcase your full catalog in a beautiful way but also gain unlimited opportunities – in terms of customer reach, new cities and countries and full product showcase online. And you can effortlessly upload and manage your catalogue with few clicks.

MartJack Private Sales

Effective Customer relationship management

Private sales need to lay emphasis on customer relationship management as every customer is potentially is high value. With MartJack you can acquire, manage, and segment your customers based on their browsing behaviour, clicks, previous purchases etc and send customized promotions via emails / SMS propelling revisits and sales.

MartJack Private Sales

Increase conversions and sales

For a private sales site, the key focus should be to convert every possible target group user. With MartJack, you can not only gain insights into business with analytics and an array of reports available but also take immediate actions. For instance, Reports on cart abandonment and transaction not processed gives insights about the interested prospects. Use them to promote time bound flash sale offers / special promotion coupons to convert them.