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MartJack White-goods Solutions

Powerful digital
commerce solution for
electronics and
appliances retailers

The white goods (Consumer Electronics and appliances) industry is the fastest moving industry in the country and the same has been replicated in the eCommerce industry too. This segment has attracted the largest set of retailers who want to establish a solid online presence. There are a large number of retailers with huge inventories, who now have an additional revenue stream and channel to reach out to customers.

Create a rich shopping experience

MartJack provides you with options for high resolution product images, multiple angles for better understanding and a comprehensive features tab to display full product specifications. There is also the option of letting your customer narrow their search results by product specifications (For eg: in case of Mobiles, operating system, screen size and price range are some of the options through which one can filter results).


Integrate your online store with your
offline systems

MartJack provides a full fledged API system that helps you sync your compete offline store ERP system. Sync up your inventory and prices on a real time basis and also export all your orders received on the online store to your ERP system automatically. This ensures that the pricing and inventory status is correctly updated and customers get an excellent experience shopping online too.

Create a store locator section

As a large retailer you have multiple stores across the country, so it is absolutely necessary for your website to showcase the information about your brand and store locations. Create a nice, informative section on your website for your offline store details complete with their addresses and exact map location through Google Maps. You can also put up your complete store contact details online to drive traffic to your stores as well as help customers.


Make product discovery simple and

MartJack provides various ways in which your customer can reach a product. Store visitors can search by Brand, Model, Product title, Keyword or customized options (Eg: For Refrigerator once can search by capacity). Easy and structured navigation aiding visitors to explore across the site (by main category, sub category and product groups)

Manage your merchandize with ease

You have a huge inventory of products across categories that need to be sorted into separate sections for customers to navigate smoothly. Martjack provides a full fledged category management option where you can create your category structure with sub categories and product groupings. These are automatically linked through your navigation menu for customers to browse through your store easily


Connect and engage with your

Increase your customer engagement by getting people to subscribe to your informative newsletter and provide details of your latest trends and offers. MartJack provides you the option of collecting customer emails from interested people though a single click interface and storing the same in a single location.

Highlight discounts and create sale

As a retailer, you offer the best prices to your customers. It is also necessary to highlight the same so customers are aware of the same. Martjack provides you with an option of automatically creating discount tags which highlight the price difference and the percentage savings for the customer. It also allows you the option of creating a deal section on your website with the hottest and latest offers as well as timed promotions for flash sales. Your customers will not miss even a single deal from now on.