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As a well known regional retailer, you have a solid presence across cities in India with a loyal customer base. You have a huge assortment of products from multiple brands and a solid ERP system to keep track of stock and pricing. You are now looking to further expand your presence to other states and cities in India and are looking at online sales also to complement your offline strategy.

Recreate your store look and feel

You have spent a lot of time and effort carefully creating a solid store identity offline. MartJack provides a comprehensive design catalog and customized options to completely use your branding guidelines and create your online store in sync with your offline retail outlet.


Merchandizing management made easy

You have a huge inventory of products across categories and brands that need to be sorted into separate sections for customers to navigate smoothly. MartJack provides a full fledged category management option where you can create your category structure with sub categories and product groupings. These are automatically linked through your navigation menu for customers to browse through your store easily.

Create store wise stock and pricing

MartJack provides you APIs to integrate your stock and pricing on a real time basis as per your store and delivery locations. This helps you create a seamless customer experience by having the same data synced across online and offline stores.


Create your loyalty program or
extend your existing one

We all understand that it is important to reward your most loyal customers and incentivize them further. You want to start a new loyalty program or you have an existing one which you want to extend online. MartJack is integrated with some of the top offline loyalty rewards programs and also has its own reward option. This will help you improve your customer satisfaction scores and increase sales.

Highlight discounts and create sale

As a retailer, you offer the best prices to your customers. It is also necessary to highlight the same so customers are aware of the same. MartJack provides you with an option of automatically creating discount tags which highlight the price difference and the percentage savings for the customer. It also allows you the option of creating a deal section on your website with the hottest and latest offers as well as timed promotions for flash sales. Your customers will not miss even a single deal from now on.


Increase footfalls to your stores

There is a rapidly increasing trend of customers researching products online and then purchasing offline. As a retailer with a well established footprint, you can also cash in on this trend and also try and convert some of these customers into online customers through special discount codes and vouchers

Launch pad for your pan-India

You want to expand further and aim to become one of the best known brands in India. Going online is the best way to instantly reach out to new customers in different states and cities. Also, when you now open a new store, part of your branding and advertising is already done as customers are already aware of your brand due to your online presence.