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You are an international brand with an existing presence in India through the top retail chains across cities. You are now looking to establish and manage your brand identity online for the Indian market. Customers are already aware of your brand and are looking for more information on certain products. There is a huge untapped market for you to explore and engage with, complementing your offline presence

Martjack is the leading digital commerce platform in India and can best help you expand in this market as we understand all the nuances and requirements of the Indian customer.

Extend your own unique brand identity

You have an established brand that is recognized internationally and India is no exception. Your products are available at the top retail and luxury outlets in India. Martjack offers a comprehensive, customized design solution integrated with your catalog that can create a store consistent with your international branding.


Showcase your extensive product catalog

You have an extensive product catalog that you want to showcase in complete detail. Also, there are upcoming launches or product announcements where you want to run a teaser campaign for your valued customers. Martjack provides you options to enable this online through a full-fledged catalog option. You can also put in certain products with a price on request feature for the pre-launch period to check out the interest from the customers

Offer a rich and immersive product experience

Martjack provides you with the option of uploading high resolution product images with multiple viewing angles and a 3600 turnaround view to help customers get as close to an offline experience as possible. Additional zoom options ensure that every minute detail for your finely crafted product is shown to the customer in the best possible way. Size charts and product specification in an easy to read tabular format complete the rich product experience you want to showcase to your clientele.


Create a store locator section

As a large brand, you have a presence in multiple stores across the country, so it is absolutely necessary for your website to showcase the information about your brand and store locations. Create a nice, informative section on your website for your offline store details complete with their addresses and exact map locations through Google Maps. You can also put up your complete store contact details online to drive traffic to your stores as well.

Easy way for test marketing and

You want to expand further and aim to become one of the best known international brands in India. Going online is the best way to instantly reach out to new customers and assess the potential of setting up the next pit stop for your brand. Also, when you now open a new store, part of your branding and advertising is already done as customers are already aware of your brand due to your online presence.

Highlight your latest product collections
and end of season sale

You have spent a lot of time and effort carefully identifying the best positioning for your store and want to recreate the same story online too. Martjack provides a comprehensive design catalog and customized options to completely use your branding guidelines and create your online store in sync with your offline retail outlet.