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MartJack Grocery Solutions

New age digital
commerce outlook for
grocery retailers

With the fast paced environment the grocery segment has seen a lot of traction online. People prefer ordering everyday items online to save the hassles of going to the shops and standing in long queues. This segment is highly competitive and is still at a nascent stage with the main issues in India being cost of delivery and everyday price updates. Also, the industry is highly competitive with the local kirana store offering tough competition to even the larger players.

Create a dynamic pricing system

Groceries need prices to be updated on a daily and hourly basis to keep up with eh fast moving nature of the goods. MartJack provides you with bulk update options and a dynamic API for hourly price updates and ensuring the correct prices are automatically synced with your offline systems


Provide city and store wise selection options

You have multiple retails stores across a number of locations and the stock and serviceability of each store is different. Martjack helps you create and maintain store wise pricing, inventory and helps the customer choose the store and the available product catalog based on the selection.

Help customers repeat their regular orders

Groceries are a category where people have a cyclic demand and the same set of items make it to the weekly and monthly shopping list. Martjack has an excellent reorder option that helps customer repeat any order from their purchase history with just a single click. There is also an automatic price and inventory check to enable them to recalculate the cart value and proceed to payment


Offer a Cash on Delivery option to your

A lot of customers in India are used to paying for purchases on delivery with their local Kirana store. Now you can also offer the same through an integrated Cash on Delivery option which helps you collect the full order details online and then make the payment when you deliver the goods at their doorstep.

Create a seamless integration with your
offline Point of Sale system

You already have a set system in place to track prices and inventory in your offline store. Now, with the MartJack API, you have the option of creating a seamless experience for your customer service team by integrating your complete ERP system with the online store. Inventory, pricing and order details are now tightly integrated in one single place.

MartJack Brnad

Merchandizing and promotions
made easy

Just like in offline stores, you can now let customer buy certain items by weight (500gm, 1kg, 2 kgs etc) by creating product variants. Also let customers get their favourite Buy X, Get Y type of deals online too through a comprehensive marketing promotion engine.