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MartJack Marketplace is a comprehensive digital commerce solution with multi-supplier functionality. The platform helps vendors/suppliers to sell and manage their own products and on the other hand enables marketplace owner to manage the suppliers and consumers seamlessly. MartJack Marketplace Platform provides unmatched Turnkey eCommerce functionalities and incorporates all necessary business know-how to rapidly implement an effective, cutting edge Marketplace.


Offer unmatched selection with unlimited number of vendors

Your consumer wants choice, which you can offerby bringing on board large supplier base across different categories and geography. You can expand your business with no logical restraints.


One Storefront for your customers

Out platform offers a seamless one storefront experience even if the products are supplied by hundreds of different suppliers from all over the world.


Give control to your sellers

Sellers are provided with a simple-to-use interface where one can perform all the turn key eCommerce activities - upload, update products, offers, pricing etc.


Manage sellers easily

The marketplace owner caneasily monitor and manage activities performed by suppliers. Predefined workflows can be setup by you to help your sellers. You can also pre-moderate your vendor's activity.


Integrated Payment and Logistics processing

Marketplace owners leverage payment and logistics partners who can be of immense help to sellers. Also effortlessly manage payment and logistics processing for all your vendors.


Flexible merchandising management

Using our easy to use catalogue management tools you can quickly select categories, retailers and products that you want in your product catalogue


Analytics and reports to aid your decisions

Leverage analytics and reports to derive actionable metrics on supplier (such as supplier quality score), customer (such as average order value) and business front (such as sales reports).