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Managed Marketplace

A consumer business such as Bank, Media, Telecom, Corporate house, Retailer constantly looks for avenues to build deeper relationships with their consumers. MartJack’s Managed Marketplace is a revolutionary solution for consumer businesses to :

  • Monetize existing user base: If you have a consumer base, this solution helps you increase the customer lifetime value
  • Build and nurture an exclusive community: Offer what your customer love the most – exclusive offers and deals. A differentiated service will help you win customers trust.
  • Increase brand engagement and build deeper relationships

Connect to suppliers and list products of your choice

For running a marketplace, the first need you require is quality products and quality suppliers. Good products reiterate your brand promise to your consumers and it motivates them to buy more form you.

With this solution, you can enjoy One click connection to over 500 top branded Suppliers, and their thousands of local deals choose from more than 10 lakh products across retail categories and thousands of local online and offline deals. Moreover, you will not invest even a single penny on inventory

Build an engaging online shopping channel for your consumers

Your customers want to get the best experience and value. They don’t want a run-of-the-mill shopping experience but a customized experience, which reinforces your brand name.

Right from customized design, branding, shopping experience, MartJack helps you differentiate yourself by offering exclusive experience. You will not only be able to create brand engagement with consumers but also offer tangible benefits to them.

How does it work?

The nature of the Internet lends itself perfectly to the basic concept of a "marketplace": a mechanism for buyer and seller to find each other. Online Marketplaces are an important and growing part of the internet. Managed Marketplace is an online marketplace, which is nurtured and managed to provide a great shopping experience and quality products for consumers.

With MartJack Managed Marketplace solution, Consumer businesses that have an excising user base can setup an exclusive online destination for various products.

Manage Marketplace

MartJack Managed Marketplace solution offers everything needed to run an exclusive marketplace – technology, supplier partnerships, payments, logistics support. One can quickly establish Supplier partnerships, source the choicest product mix and reduce your marketing and employee costs. Also, with this solution, you can provide shopping deals to your Facebook community.

Wide range of payment options and
impeccable order fulfilment

Wide range of payment options and
impeccable order fulfilment

Payments and logistics form the backbone of any online marketplace. You consumers should be given convenient payment options to choose from and logistics capability should be able to deliver products to your consumers safely and on time.

With MartJack, you can chose from a wide array of payment options - Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, COD, Loyalty Card etc on your marketplace. You have 30+ payment partners and more than 10 logistics partners who have the widest reach in India and Middle East. More importantly, screened reputed Suppliers drop ship the products to the consumers with branded packaging slips and traceable order fulfilment.

Increase lifetime value of your

One of the biggest challenges for any consumer business is consume loyalty and then customer lifetime value. Consumers are increasingly becoming disloyal because of widest options available in the market.

With this solution, you can effortlessly sell complimentary products for the same consumer base you have and earn transaction margin from suppliers on every transaction – in short increasingly customer life time value.

Scalable, Robust, Secure and Reliable

Your consumers need a hassle-free, secure and safe shopping destination. Aligning to your consumer’s need, big concern for any consumer business who wants to start an online marketplace is technology.

With MartJack Managed Marketplace solution, you don’t need to worry anything about technology! Our solution is offered on a Cloud based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model. MartJack leverage cutting edge technology such as content distribution networks (CDN) and promises scalability with an uptime promise of 99.99% and highest levels of security for your online business. Our promise is further strengthened by our technology partner Microsoft Windows Azure.

Track and measure business performance

Online business provides a great avenue to track every click and action of your user and measure business performance for actionable insights.

With MartJack, you can not only gain insights into business with an array of reports available but also take immediate actions. You can generate reports based on the customized requirements and empower your team members. Google analytics integration will help you analyze website traffic.