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MartJack Corporate Solutions

Manage and Drive Institutional/corporate sales

Institutional / Corporate sales is a booming opportunity where you can setup sales touch points for employees / stakeholders of your customers. For instance a school stationary distributor sells stationary to students at an attractive price. In short, this is a B2B2C business. This is a business where you care about your customer and customer’s customers anddevice strategies for win-win-win relationship.

With a MartJack solution, you can effectively increase your sales to institutional/corporate customers by providing an exclusive experience to them. MartJack helps you create exclusive online stores for the employees of your corporate clients and institutional sales. You can provide customized merchandising, pricing, offers and rich product experience for each of your institutional/corporate customers.

By enabling you to reach out to each corporate customer in a focused manner we ensure that your customers will get the highest order of satisfaction in doing business with you.

Corporate Sales

Customization and exclusivity guaranteed

Your customer wants their customers to get the best experience and value. They don’t want a run-of-the-mill shopping experience but a customized experience, which reinforces your customer brand name.

Right from having a customized sub-domain, branding, shopping experience, MartJack helps you differentiate yourself by offering exclusive experience for every corporate client. Your corporate clients will not only be able to create brand impression of their brand but also offer tangible benefits to their end consumers (employees).

Corporate Sales

Boost conversions and sales

In corporate sales, you will have a fair idea of your customer’s customer – their demographic profile, spending habits, likes and dislikes. The key focus should be to help your customer’s to convert every possible user into repeat sale.

With MartJack, you can not only showcase customized catalogue targeted to your customer’s customer but also give insights into business with actionable analytics and reports available. For instance, Reports on cart abandonment and transaction not processed gives insights about the interested prospects. You customers can use them to promote time bound flash sale offers / special promotion coupons to convert them.

Corporate Sales

Easy to build and manage

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication once said by a gentleman hold true for your business. End to end cycle of online store creation and management should be a breeze such that you can focus your time on business rather than spending endless hours on customizing and resolving technical issues.

No matter how many corporate clients you have, MartJack simplifies the end to end process of building and managing the eCommerce store. MartJack solution is offered on a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model which means that everything is already set up on the cloud and you just have to sign up and start using it with few clicks! Being a SaaS platform you don’t have to worry about IT costs, hardware costs, IT management etc.

Corporate Sales

Let your customers be the voice of your brand

Trust and transparency are paramount for your customer as they are responsible for being the face of products, which you sell.

Our solution enables you to get your client decision makers on board and make them part of the value chain – give them sales dashboard, complaints logged, get approvals before product uploads are made live. Customer empowerment will make them the voice of your brand.

Corporate Sales

Offer exclusive promotions and deals

Corporate sales is about attractive offers and exclusive products. MartJack helps you offer customized promotions and deals to your corporate clients. This helps your corporate clients to create a differentiated service for their employees.

Corporate Sales

Enable bulk buying for gifts or products by corporate customers

MartJack offers customized workflows, which are exclusively built for bulk buying. You can set discount based on the quantity and can easily manage the pricing, orders, shipments for bulk orders.