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Manage customer experience

customer experience

Leverage the collection of pre-built templates or simply use drag and drop tool to design and customize the look and feel of your online store based on your customized needs. Showcase rich image and videos to give a wowexperience of your products.

Drag, Drop and you are done

Drag, Drop and you are done

Use drag and drop tool to build beautiful store fronts, move components around, add showcases, change banners and do a lot more to woo your customers. Do all this without having to learn web designing! Custom themes, designs and JavaScript are also supported for advanced designers.

Templates at your fingertips (Focus on design)

Templates at your fingertips (Focus on design)

Leverage a wide collection of pre-built templates, which are beautifully crafted for your online store. Pick up a template and customize it to your wish or design a new template with few clicks! Support for Rich UI widget library created based on niche ecommerce requirement to help you to design your store.


Give rich shopping experience

Strike the “I want to purchase” chord with your consumers, showcase rich image and videos to give a virtual experience of your products. Highlight all of the colors and textures of your products with unlimited product options.


Homepage is where the heart is

Homepage is your store front and it speaks volumes about your brand to prospective customers. Promotional banners can catch the eyeball of the consumer and attract consumers. Product spotlights to display product prominently on home pages or any other pages. Cross-promote the relevant categories and campaigns from any category or brand pages.