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Online Mall

The concept of online mall brings together the best of offline and online worlds – the shopping experience of an offline mall where brands have dedicated shops and convenience of online shopping - unlimited selection and benefit of buying anytime, anywhere.

In an Online mall, brands can setup exclusive, customized brand stores. From a retailer / brand’s perspective online mall is better than a normal ecommerce site because this model provides avenue for offering a brand centric, exclusive shopping experience to users. From a consumer’s perspective this model provides an enjoyable shopping experience!

Did you know the biggest online destination by end of 2014 will not be Amazon but Tmall of China? This reinforces the emergence of Online Mall concept.

MartJack Solution offers simplified, robust and scalable solution for retailers, entrepreneurs, mall owners to set up their Online Mall.

Online Mall

Exclusive store and customized experience for Brands

The attractive concept of an offline mall for retailers is they can customize their store centred on their brand.

With MartJack solution, brands can set up their own store (a sub-domain) and customize their store with their brand colors, design and categories.

Online Mall

Offer memorable shopping experience to your consumers

Online users are over exposed to off-the-mill ecommerce sites. You online business should focus on delivering a differentiated experience to woo consumers.

Our solution will help you to offer a memorable shopping experience to your consumers. Let your consumers chose the best brands they like and enjoy the true mall shopping experience.

Online Mall

Let brands track and measure business performance

Online business provides a great avenue to track every click and action of your user and measure business performance for actionable insights.

With MartJack, you can empower brands with reports about number of store footfalls, views, sales of their brand. Brands can not only gain insights into business with an array of reports available but also take immediate actions. You can generate reports based on the customized requirements. Google analytics integration will help you analyze website traffic.

Online Mall

Leverage the power of online, mobile and social

Today’s consumer has changed! They spend more time on their Smartphones and internet than on Televisions*. Your consumers get to know about the products through online ads, friends in Facebook or through search engines, which has become the destination to research about products.

MartJack solution helps you to implement a seamless multichannel consumer experience across the consumer buying cycle. You can not only create online store, which is mobile friendly but also create Facebook store, Mobile App for your online mall.

Online Mall

Scalable, Robust, Secure and Reliable technology

Your consumers need a hassle-free, secure and safe shopping destination. Aligning to your consumer’s need, big concern for online mall owners will is technology.

With MartJack solution, you don’t need to worry anything about technology! Our solution is offered on a Cloud based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model. MartJack leverage cutting edge technology such as content distribution networks (CDN) and promises scalability with an uptime promise of 99.99% and highest levels of security for your online business. Our promise is further strengthened by our technology partner Microsoft Windows Azure.

Online Mall

Create an awesome platform and let brands

In a physical mall, the brands have owns everything to increase their business - store setup, branding, marketing, catalog management etc. The mall owner will help them with a platform to achieve their business goals.

With MartJack solution, you can create a platform for brands to succeed. They can leverage marketing tools such as SEO and social media to attract visitors, build catalog, setup and manage their store, track business performance and take necessary steps. In short you will be the mall owner, who will help brands to build their businesses!

Online Mall

Reduce risks and costs and scale up exponentially

The long term success of a marketplace depends on its ability to distribute costs, risks & operations to gain advantages of scalability and lower risk exposure. A marketplace should place higher focus on becoming a layer of capability enhancement of sellers, uniform user experience & consumer trust.

MartJack solution helps you run a robust platform and manage an ecosystem of brands, logistics partners and payment gateways. You can get wallet share across the value chain through listing fees, promotional fees and earn transaction margin from brands on every transaction.