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What is SaaS?

“Software as a service (SaaS) is a model of software deployment whereby a provider licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand”. Business applications are bundled with computing power (where cloud computing is the driving force) with multi-tenant efficiency, scalability and flexibility, wherein cost of such convenience is paid based on usage.

Why should I consider SaaS?

On-demand licensing enables the benefits of commercially licensed use without the associated complexity and avoiding the high capital investment for applications.

How SaaS technology does operate?

One thing common with any SaaS application is that, the data is stored in a centralized location but spread across nodes and networks that are seamlessly interconnected. You can access these applications and manage them using any regular web browser with ease.

How do you ensure my data security?

SaaS offers great advantage when it comes to security. It offers sophisticated security measures compared to in-house or 3rd party hosting infrastructure given the advantages of shared cost. We ensure high compliance standards besides the standard measures offered by our cloud technology partners. Rest is assured and your data is safe with us.

Who are most popular users of SaaS?

SaaS model is highly adopted for various business applications ranging from CRM to ERP. An interesting fact is that, SaaS familiarity levels in India are much higher than in the Asia Pacific region as a whole. At least 32% of Indian companies have adopted SaaS to replace their on-premise software applications, according to a report from Springboard Research.

How does SaaS delivery model help eCommerce or etailing service providers?

According to Gartner Report, 90% of Ecommerce stores will use SaaS by 2013, given the fact that time to market, capital expenditure and easy to operate factors, which are crucial for ecommerce success compared to other alternatives i.e. adopting an open source solution or opting for custom application development and maintenance.

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