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What is Cloud?

Cloud is a collective computing power and more of your material out there and less on PCs or servers that a business runs for itself. It sounds technical but it’s true that many of us are already using cloud computing in various forms. If you are already a vivid user of Gmail and Google applications, you are already on cloud!

How do I book the domain name?

You can mention the desired domain name for your online store in the account sign-up form. Our team will check the availability or advice on the appropriate domain name that matches your nature of online store in tandem with your brand name.

What if, I already own a domain name?

If you already own a domain name, you have 2 options to use the same to run your online store on our platform. We prefer you to transfer your domain from an existing service provider to us while availing AUTH CODE from the domain registrar. Or we will furnish the details of DNS or A records to be updated at your end which will redirect the domain to your online store residing on our platform.

What are the hosting charges?

MartJack being a SaaS application, hardware, software and bandwidth are bundled together. Hence you will not be charged any extra for hosting services. However if your requirements of bandwidth and hardware are much beyond regular usage, we may provide exclusive resources for your online store at an additional cost.

Will I get email accounts along with the domain name?

Yes. You do get free email accounts as per the terms and conditions of Google Apps Standard Edition and our team coordinates in setting up the same and hand over the necessary credentials to manage your corporate email Ids.

Where is your server infrastructure located?

MartJack application leverages the world renowned Amazon EC2 technology that is core for Amazon EC2 is offered across four regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) and hence we opt for multiple regions given various factors.

Being away from India, is there any high latency observed that affects the performance?

Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon’s Cluster Compute Instances provide the ability to create clusters of instances connected by a low latency, high throughput network and thus latency should not be an issue that affects the performance of your store.

What is up-time guarantee of the server infrastructure?

Our service commitment of up-time is 99.95% which is in tandem with Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement.

Does your company intimate on the scheduled maintenance?

For any upstream scheduled maintenance from Amazon EC2, we may or may not intimate such schedules to our customers. However any significant application-level maintenance schedules would be intimated in prior to ignore or report back the unexpected behaviour of your online store.

I already opted for a hosting plan with another provider. Can I install MartJack on my rented space?

Since MartJack is delivered on SaaS model, it can’t be unbundled from the other components and hence it can’t be hosted on individual servers. It’s not the matter of technology feasibility rather its the cost of owning the whole platform.

Can I increase my bandwidth requirements given the seasonal traffic spikes expected during special offers & promotions?

You are allocated with default resources given the version of MartJack being opted at the time of sign-up. However you can request us to provide additional resources along with duration and expected usage against which we shall upgrade the same temporarily.

How many concurrent users can be staying connected with my online store?

Being in elastic cloud technology, number of concurrent users/visitors should not be a constraint, however it depends on the capacity of instance where your online store is hosted. This was never reported even by our biggest client (being one of the biggest retailer) till date, given their traffic levels and hence should not be a decisive factor for any one.

Is your application compatible with all the web browsers?

Yes. MartJack is tested across all major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

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