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Safety, privacy & security

How secure is my data related to orders and customers?

No one, except you or your team with admittance to the control panel have the right to access this data. Our cloud based platform offers an exceptionally strong set of data security measures that are often more wide-ranging than what a customer could guarantee if the application was located on-premise.

Do I require SSL certificates for my online store?

In order to instil more confidence to your customers that any data that is being exchanged at your online store is secured and encrypted, you may consider installing SSL certificates issued by any reputed service provider. But it will not prevent you to sell online without these certificates.

How secured is your platform to accept online payments?

Please be aware that no credit card details are stored at merchant’s online store and thus you don’t need to worry about the security of your customers who are making online payments. Upon selecting the payment method, system will redirect the shopper to secured and encrypted gateway of respective PSP who generally comply with PCI security standards.

Do you share my registered customer information with any other Merchant?

We strictly adhere to our privacy policy and thus we are not authorized to share any of your data with any other 3rd party unless there are any statutory bodies requesting the same for the matters that are outside our control.

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