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Where can I learn about MartJack and its features?

Detailed set of features and specifications of each are mentioned in features sections of this website. To understand the technology side of the application from customization perspective, you can refer to MartJack Wiki for more details.

Can we have the product demo at our office location?

We will be more than glad to extend the product demo at locations where we have our offices or our franchisee partners. However, we strongly recommend you to prefer an online demo for the simple reason that, you should start practicing ecommerce to understand the nuances. If you don’t buy virtually, how do you expect your customers to do so?

Will you furnish me the demo account to run through the features?

We have observed that, majority of such demo accounts go unused and it piles up on our infrastructure with a cost attached to it. But you may have this facility in case you are given any trial offer for the limited duration. Nevertheless, our sales team takes immense pleasure in detailing all the features of the product to the level that you are looking for. If you are not convinced, we may repeat the process for several times to take you through the whole product from your business perspective.

Is there any hands-on video that demonstrate building an online store?

Yes. We do have a run-through video of building a sample online store but please be aware that modalities vary from category to category in retailing.

Do you have help videos for various features of MartJack in terms of their application?

We have built various help videos to understand the important, complex functions of MartJack which helps your internal teams, our partners during customization efforts.

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