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Is MartJack Open Source? If not, Why?

BIG NO. Typically, open source version are down-sized version of commercial version or may be 100% open source without much future upgrades and support, which will be released to community to increase the adoption. We are of strong opinion that, eCommerce is not just a function of business rather a parallel business to your brick & mortar store. In which case adoption challenges are not limited to just technology but many other building blocks of ecommerce and thus MartJack is offered as an ecosystem while addressing all those pains. If communities are just happy with Open Source, we would have not seen Windows or SAP or MartJack who are delivering beyond technology and striving to transform the world. You don’t need a static system in the world of dynamic business and most of the open source products are static.

Where can I compare the list of features across the version of MartJack?

After successful completion of product demo, our sales team shall share you the comparison sheet for your perusal and reference. However you can review the list of features here

Can I sell digital products on MartJack?

Yes, given that you comply with Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies and copyrights of respective products. However MartJack is best suitable for selling physical products mostly from retailer perspective.

To what extent MartJack extends the flexibility of Store-Front Customization?

MartJack as a platform offers you proven and highly researched layouts for the purpose of ecommerce usability. You or your creative team don’t have limits in designing the theme which should match with the selected layout. After all retailing is detailing and design should meet the objectives of simplicity, easy navigation, brand outlook and faster download.

I am neither a web designer not a tech-savvy retailer. Can I manage MartJack on my own?

If you are comfortable in using existing layout and themes from our library without many modifications, you can manage the daily operations of your store with an ease. Building an online store is fun with MartJack with our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) platform with its drag and drop features. MartJack is designed and developed keeping in a view that, retailers are businessmen but not tech-geeks.

How will I be notified about the new features of MartJack?

We will be more than glad to notify all our customers with new set of features and upgrades that are released as per various planned and unplanned schedules.

What if, a new feature is required for my business category that is not a part of MartJack?

MartJack is majorly driven by reality than fiction, where we ensure to have all features that are close to real-world retails. In case if you bring any such missing feature or any potential feature for mass adoption, we will be eager to develop and roll-out for everyone at NO COST. Of course version based applies and the feature will be made available to only such user who falls under the appropriate category.

Can we integrate MartJack with 3rd party systems like CRM, ERP or POS?

Like any other application, MartJack as well can talk to any external applications irrespective of service provider. But the complexity involved in each such integration varies for every target system and thus such issues are taken on case to case basis. On similar note, we have integrated MartJack with market leading CRM, ERP and POS technologies.

Can I show real-time offline inventory for each product through my online store?

Given the status of your POS solution and its capability to connect with other systems is the decisive factor. If successful, you can showcase the real-time inventory of your each product on your e-store which excites your customers as well.

What are the various payment options that I can extend to my customers?

With our strategic partners, we made it easy and simple to opt for suitable options ranging from payment gateway (Internet Merchant Account), Cash-On-Delivery, Order Online: Pick-up at Store, I Pay Near, etc. Any standard payment gateway offers the flexibility to accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, Itzcash and any other options that are prevailing in market. Modus operandi of other payment options varies given the terms and conditions of respective service provider. Please refer to our ecosystem section to understand more about our partner payment solutions independently.

What is Product Data Bank and how does it harmonize my efforts of building an online store?

This feature is unique to our platform given the exclusive database of more than 1,10,000 products, for which diverse types of data is being collated from various sources. Retailing is all about presentation of merchandise (Visual Merchandising) in best possible manner and when it comes to virtual store product specifications, features and high resolution product images, interactive elements are likely to replace the touch and feel phenomenon with look & feel phenomenon. This is available to you at NO EXTRA COST.

How does MartJack complement our efforts of Internet Marketing?

Our platform is power packed with controls and features that are required for your internet marketing initiatives. It ranges from a simple like button to blog control, Search Engine Optimization tools, Facebook Widget and integration with Google Analytics in order to measure all your marketing efforts and their ROI. You should explore the platform further to dig deep and understand its immense potential.

What About SMS & Email marketing tools in MartJack?

MartJack is pre-integrated with selected SMS service providers and same can be used to send any SMS updates to your clients and internal teams at various instances. We have identified the major events/triggers of such notifications against which you can draft canned messages given your business needs. As far as emails are concerned, you can send emails to all our registered customers but you can’t send bulk emails to any database that you have. MartJack is not a bulk SMS or Email system to perform such activities and thus they are strictly prohibited.

How do I manage Shipping, Tax calculations and Currencies, if they vary for every product and region?

We are aware that shipping costs and tax components are variable costs of product besides the base product cost. MartJack extends the flexibility of managing these details for each product across various regions that your business operates. You are further empowered to configure various currencies in which you can accept payments for every store.

In case of opening and operating multiple online stores, do I need to pay and manage them independently?

You can open and manage multiple stores on MartJack with an ease from single control panel. You will be charged per each store or few of our versions will have provision for multiple stores. You can manage your products, catalogues, orders and customers from one single point.

Can I have a restricted store with limited access for a special purpose?

Yes. You can open a private store while limiting access to invited and registered customers only. Same feature can be used in case you want to leverage MartJack for B2B selling, where each of your selected merchants are categorized given your business parameter. Same can be leveraged to run any exclusive stores for employees of selected corporate clients.

How do I analyze the performance of my Online Store?

Besides its integration with Google Analytics, we have an in-built analysis to measure the performance metrics of your online store. You can review them on dashboard right at home screen after you login or extract the report for the selected duration against the all metrics.

Can I have a practice of Cross-sell and Up-sell?

In most of the platforms it might be limited to just checkout page, but our platform again extends greater flexibility in configuring the options of cross-sell and up-sell for every product. Which means for every product you can link the appropriate products from other categories as cross-sell or up-sell. Even more, you can offer contextual shopping experience to your customers to win more of their wallet.

Can I open my own Market Place like India Times Shopping or Naaptol etc.?

MartJack is again blessed with an extended arm of Market Place add-on coupled with its core platform. You can operate an independent market place of your own or select and sell the products of other retailers who are already on MartJack. Please talk to us for the further details.

How does MartJack assist in managing my logistics?

MartJack is pre-integrated with 10+ logistic partners such as Aramex & Bluedart. You can chalk out a delivery mechanism on our platform efficiently. MartJack also gives you the option to have a local logistic provider own your order delivery process by configuring a similar plan. Please refer to our ecosystem section to understand more about our partner payment solutions independently.

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