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What is ecosystem?

Business Ecosystem is a community of organizations and stakeholders (players) operating within a particular business environment, who collaborate for mutual benefits but compete in an economic web of relationships in their respective line of business.

Why MartJack needs an Ecosystem?

As mentioned, Ecommerce or multi-channel retailing is not just about technology but a holistic approach of running a virtual business, which as challenging as running your physical retail store. Given the challenges faced by many retailers in approaching all such parties independently, we have made one time effort in collaborating with all stakeholders of ecommerce towards enabling retailer to go online quickly and cost-effectively.

How do I get benefited with Banks and other Payment Service Providers (PSP), who are a part of your ecosystem?

Acquiring a payment gateway directly from any bank or PSP is a tedious process in terms of cost as well as the process of approvals. With our strategic relation, you will be offered their solutions at much subsidized prices (25-50%) compared to open market rates besides simple documentation requirements. Moreover our technologies are pre-integrated with each other and hence you don’t need to shell out a single penny to integrate any renowned Payment gateways with MartJack.

How Google helps in increasing my business?

It is needless to mention that Google is gateway to internet. Today, consumers do window shopping online for which search is the first step to explore the product and to scout for nearest locations or online offers to buy. In this context, Google wants you to test the power of its world renowned “PPC Advertisement” to drive relevant traffic and targeted customers for your online store. Upon consuming their Free Adwords to understand the ROI, you can earmark monthly budgets to run such campaigns which can be managed by Google or its Partners for better ROI.

How different Aramex logistic solutions are compared to my existing vendor and what are the additional benefits extended being your partner?

Being a leading global provider of integrated logistics and transportation solutions, Aramex can help you close the ecommerce loop with affordable and speedy deliveries. It is understood from a research that, shopping cart abandonments are majorly due to high shipping costs and thus highly subsidized price extended to MartJack customers helps you to increase the sales. This exclusive prices are despite of your volume which otherwise can’t be negotiated in open market. Besides the cost advantage, Aramex can be leveraged further to warehouse your products at nearest locations of your major order sources.

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