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Versions & Billing

Do you have versions in MartJack?

MartJack is available in 4 different versions given the needs and nature of online retailer. You can refer our pricing section of the website to review the existing variants and their costs accordingly.

Can I switch between the versions at any time?

You are welcome to upgrade or downgrade the version any time but a prior notice of 30 days is required in order to provision the required resources and ensures that your billing is adjusted accordingly for your subsequent renewals. In case of version downgrade, we strongly recommend you to export all such data against the features which are not available in the lower version of MartJack.

What are the other hidden costs besides monthly subscription charges?

There are no other charges except your monthly charges to be paid for MartJack. If you are in need of our support to customize the store-front, we charge for these professional services which are beyond delivery of platform. Besides that transaction costs on each order, shipping costs that you incur to deliver, tax to be paid and all other associated expenses in running an online store are part of your business costs.

Do you offer any discount on monthly subscription fee?

Yes, in case of upfront payment of monthly subscription for 1 year full-year, you will avail 10% discount. But this discount policy may change from time to time given change in pricing policies and billing cycles.

Can I Sign-up online?

You can sign-up onine and make an online payment at your convenience. But you are supposed to duly fill and sign the MartJack Application Form to activate the account after necessary internal approvals. We suggest you to send the details of online sign-up and payment to info@martjack.comin order to instruct the respective teams accordingly for a swift action.

What is the billing cycle?

You can opt for a convenient billing cycle given the flexibility of quarterly, half-yearly and yearly options being extended at the time of sign-up.

How can I track my payments?

You will be sent periodical account statements with all the details of payments made against the invoices raised. You will be reminded well in advance for your next payment through our automated billing systems.

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