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Pricing and Signup

How much does MartJack cost?

The cost varies based on the requirement. Please view the pricing section in this website for details.

Which Version is best suited for me?

You need to map your business requirements as per the feature availability per version (our solution experts can guide you on the same). Post this, you will have clarity on the commercials which will be in-line with the figures highlited in the pricing page.

What is the procedure after sign-up?

We have a streamlined on-boarding process. Merchants will be assigned a key account manager who is responsible to take the client through the process. It usually starts with data collection and ends with the site configuration.

For DIY (Do-It-Yourself) accounts, we will share the account credentials with the merchant. Post this, the client can attend the training sessions to implement the site.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No, you do not have to commit to a long-term contract. Pick from the billing cycles available (minimum of 3 months) and see how your business does online. If you think it is not woth a shot, you are free to discontinue your license.

In case of opening and operating multiple online stores, do I need to pay and manage them independently?

You can open and manage multiple stores on MartJack with an ease from single control panel. You will be charged per each store or few of our versions will have provision for multiple stores. You can manage your products, catalogues, orders and customers from one single point.

Can I have a restricted store with limited access for a special purpose?

Yes. You can open a private store while limiting access to invited and registered customers only. Same feature can be used in case you want to leverage MartJack for B2B selling, where each of your selected merchants are categorized given your business parameter. Same can be leveraged to run any exclusive stores for employees of selected corporate clients.

What if I move out of MartJack? What is the procedure and what happens to the data?

You will be given prior intimation before your account license expires. During that phase, you should export all the required information from your MartJack acccount. Apart from this, our privacy policy ensures your data is safe with us.

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