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Digital Commerce meets
transformed B2B sales model

B2B Sales

Internet and Mobile as a combined force is dramatically accelerating the speed at which B2B companies go to market and is disrupting the traditional B2B sales model. Your customers are smarter than ever and prefer the simplicity of searching through a catalogue online and making the purchase necessary rather than extensive manual process of order forms, POs over endless phone calls, particularly if they’re strapped for time. Also the digital channel has emerged as the most cost effective means to acquire new customers. When commerce meets digital, great things can happen for B2B companies.

MartJack offers highly specialized digital commerce solution for B2B businesses. From launching a robust and fully-integrated eCommerce site to streamlining your shipping and fulfilment processes, MartJack has everything in place.

Best suited for: Manufacturers, OEMs, Distributors, Importers, C & F agents to name a few.

B2B Sales

Customized order placement and management workflows for B2B businesses

Traditional order placement process is time consuming and inconvenient – You need to maintain a stalk of documents, do multiple manual check and cross references.

MartJack solution empowers you with customized workflows, which are exclusively built for B2B business. One of the order placement workflows can be of a classical eCommerce shopping experience (search, explore, add to cart and place the order)

To speed up the bulk ordering for familiar products, workflows for bulk ordering is designed keeping in mind of the traditional paper based ordering process. In our digital commerce solution, customers can simply fill a pre-filled electronic form with the just the quantity they are looking for. You can also manage and control back ordering feature, which will help your customers to place orders for items not in stock or for new release items. Moreover the end- to-end process of purchase order and invoice generation etc is automated for your customer’s convenience.

B2B Sales

Different pricing mechanisms to chose from

In the traditional world, you will be grappling with manually calculating individual discount as you will provide differential pricing based on different factors. Digital commerce solution can help you with different pricing mechanisms, which you can assign to individual customers. The solution will also empower you to automate the pricing assignments you have made for different customers.

MartJack helps you with pricing mechanisms, which are designed keeping your business in mind. You can give set discounts to dealers based on the category / segment they belong to (for loyal customers you can set higher discount). Also you can have the option of bulk/volume pricing based on the volume of goods one purchases.

B2B Sales

Credit based payment mechanism

MartJack offers wide array of payment options, which are apt for B2B business including credit based payment option. You can set credit limits to your customers and manage your customer’s orders accordingly. Else let them order and then authorize the order manually based on the current credit limit of the customer. Moreover you can integrate with your accounting systems to keep all accounting / financial information related to your customers.

B2B Sales

Catalogue Management made easy

Traditionally you have been limited in your customer reach through the printed product catalogue, where there are limitations to showcase your complete range. Also with the vat array of products, you spend considerable effort and time for generating and managing the product codes / identifiers.

MartJack solution helps you to easily manage workflows with Universal Product Codes for standard products and generate desired code / identifiers for each product. And you can effortlessly upload and manage your catalogue with few clicks.

B2B Sales

Generate business leads and grow your business

Increasingly your prospects use internet as a touch point for doing research and short listing dealers. You can stay ahead of the race by optimizing your eCommerce site for featuring in search engines and leveraging social media channels for reaching out to your prospects.

Our solution helps you to reach out to prospects online - powerful SEO solution, which will give you an edge in the search engine visibility and a host of digital marketing tools to maximize your customer each through digital channels.

B2B Sales

Let your customers place and manage their orders anywhere

Smartphones have become part and parcel of personal and professional lives. More importantly your customers multitask and have lack of time. When they usually want to place order, they use their phone extensively.

MartJack Mobile based ordering workflow is designed in a way such that all phone orders can be entered and mapped to the customers who have placed the phone order. In short you can find all orders in one place including the phone orders!

B2B Sales

Enable your sales force with tablets

Traditionally your customer’s order management / sales force used paper for taking orders and then the data gets entered into system. There are multiple challenges with paper based system – it might lead to manual errors and translating data from paper to system takes time.

MartJack can help your customers with Tablet based order-taking system, which is connected to central Cloud based order management system. Your customers can certainly optimize the time and operations cost with tablet based ordering system.

B2B Sales

Simplifying forecasting and ordering

Forecasting and ordering is a repetitive yet important process, which every customer of yours undergoes. If there is a small error in this process, then there is a big financial penalty – the lead time might not match with customer’s demand leading to loss in sale.

MartJack solution makes your customer’s stock forecasting and ordering, a cake walk. Reorder level can be set SKU wise and this with the help of inbuilt forecasting techniques, your customer can do the right forecasting and order the right quantity at right time! Moreover, the process of raising a Purchase Order to your company can also be automated. Quote example of fetching the inventory data from existing Warehouse Management / ERP systems

B2B Sales

Seamless integration with third party systems

With MartJack, you can meet the needs of your internal and external customers and easily integrate your site with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, accounting, human resources, and back-end systems to provide pricing, stock levels, order status and payment information.